frequently asked questions

How does skoosh work?

At skoosh, we believe in beauty based on fact, not fiction. That’s why we’ve built a database of thousands of products and their ingredients, covering a variety of brands from luxury to natural to Korean beauty and beyond. From this data, we identify ingredients that are harmful and those that effectively target specific skin concerns to curate a tight list of brands with high quality formulations.

To personalise your skincare experience, our beauty algorithm incorporates insights from expert dermatologists and scientific publications to match unique skin needs with products. This use of big data and algorithms means that skoosh simplifies the labourious task of researching the fine print or trying out various products, so that you can quickly find your dream regime.

  1. Discover your skin type: Start your journey by taking the skoosh quiz to assess your skin.
  2. Choose your products: Our beauty algorithm will curate a selection of products for you. Your selection will contain a variety of routine steps, brands, textures, and formulations, so that you can take your pick. Your results are unique, so every product is carefully chosen to work for your skin, while addressing your concerns and complementing your goals.
  3. Create a personal routine: We’ll send you a step-by-step cheat sheet on how to use your products together in a routine. Ingredients that don’t mesh are separated, and those that work best in the day or at night are highlighted.

What makes a skoosh box special?

Your personalised box will be based on a skin routine comprised of 3 core steps to cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin, plus optional ones to boost, target and treat specific concerns. We give you various options for each step, so to make the best of a skoosh box, you should select 1-2 products from each step. If you need help choosing products, our skin experts are always available for advice! Just ping us via chat or send us a message on our contact page. Plus, each order includes a detailed, step-by-step card explaining how to use your products in a routine.

skoosh box

When will I see results?

Beautiful skin doesn’t hinge on one hero product, it’s about building a routine to maintain and support healthy, functioning skin cells. Our aim at skoosh is to help you find the right products, integrated into a routine that works for you.

It takes time for your skin to get used to a new product or routine. You may begin seeing results after 3-4 weeks as skin regenerates every 27 days or so. Depending on your skin type, some issues that affect the deeper layers of skin (e.g. hyperpigmentation, fine lines) may take longer to resolve (3+ months).

Please bear in mind that over-the-counter (OTC) cosmetic products (i.e. products you can buy in a store or online) are not formulated to provide medical-grade results. OTC cosmetic products work only on the top layer of skin, whereas medical-grade products contain highly concentrated ingredients that penetrate into deeper layers of skin. Only a medical professional can prescribe medical-grade products. If you have a medical problem or concern please consult your GP.

Finally, our skin changes depending on our environment and lifestyle, so it’s important to switch it up accordingly every once in a while. skoosh recommends adjusting your routine with new products (one product at a time) according to the seasons, lifestyle changes or as you age. Follow our skincare 101 blog for tips on how to better understand your skin and adapt your skincare routine. Also feel free to contact us if you want help figuring out whether you need to change up your routine.

Why don’t I see products or brands that are familiar?

Although skoosh’s database contains information on over 5000 skincare products, our goal is to show you only the most relevant, safe, and sustainable products for your skin type. In doing so, we may exclude products or brands that are less relevant for you in the following way:

  1. We filter out products with formulations that cause irritation or long-term harm. Many major cosmetic brands use ingredients that create a certain texture or to increase skin penetration. While this may seem to provide an initial benefit, some of these ingredients damage your skin barrier with repeated use. skoosh believes products should help correct and protect while supporting and strengthening your natural skin.
  2. We filter out products with environmentally harmful ingredients. For instance, many chemical sunscreens are toxic to marine life and damage aquatic ecosystems.
  3. Our algorithms further cut the selection of products down to match individual needs. Through this process, it is possible that many brands and products don’t show up in your personalised results, as they are either incompatible with your skin type or less effective in achieving your skin goals.

We may also not offer a product because we do not yet have a partnership with the brand. If you know a great skincare brand and would like to see it included at skoosh, let us know! We love hearing about new brands and are always open to new partnerships.

Do you offer free samples?

skoosh does not currently offer free samples, but it is something we are considering for the future. One major drawback of offering skincare samples is the impact on the environment – samples increase single-use packaging waste and are often packaged in unsustainable materials to preserve the product. However, we understand that samples allow customers to try products before committing to a purchase. We therefore hope to create a samples programme that helps our customers while minimising environmental waste.

What ingredients do you exclude and why?

How have you come up with the banned list?

Our ingredient database is sourced largely from research aggregators and meta-analyses, which have consolidated the outcomes of many ingredient studies (e.g. Pubchem). These include dermatology research papers and scientific societies. We compare multiple resources to ensure that we recommend ingredients that are widely recognised as effective, safe, and do minimal harm to the environment. We will continuously evolve our database as new research is unveiled or as new ingredients enter the market.

Do you carry products with petroleum jelly or mineral oil?

Although skoosh does not explicitly ban products with petroleum jelly (also commonly known as petrolatum) or mineral oil, most of the products we carry are not formulated with these ingredients. We understand that some consumers may not wish to support the crude oil industry in any way. As a consequence, many of our products contain alternative moisturising ingredients such as plant and nut oils.

With that said, petroleum jelly and mineral oil are some of the most effective moisturising agents for dry skin types. Some critics claim that using cosmetic products formulated with these ingredients can cause cancer because they are sourced from petroleum – there is zero evidence that directly prove these claims. These are based on misinterpretations of a few loosely related studies. While petrolatum and mineral oil are derived from crude oil, when used in skincare, they are highly purified, medical grade ingredients that are safe. There are many studies which prove the safety and effectiveness of these ingredients in treating dry skin.

Do you carry products with sulphates?

Sulphates are a type of cleansing agent that are efficient in cleaning both oil and dirt residue. As a result, sulphates are often used in skin cleansers. They are biodegradable and non-toxic, but they may not be for everyone. skoosh carries a variety of safe products to cater to different skin types – some products are formulated with plant-based sulphates and others are made with alternatives. The products that work for you depends largely on your skin type.

There are controversial claims made against sulphates, but not all sulphates are the same, so while some claims are based on fact, others are unfounded.

Do you carry products with palm oil?

Many beauty products are formulated using plant oils. Palm oil is the most ubiquitous and the most efficient source of plant oil in the world. However, because there is so much demand for palm oil, production has rapidly expanded to the destruction of tropical rainforests. This deforestation has created many challenges to the survival of endangered animals. Uncontrolled production has created further issues such as increased greenhouse gas emissions and exploitation of child labour.

While these issues may persuade consumers to avoid palm oil, this is not necessarily an environmentally friendly choice. Compared to other plant oils, palm oil trees use less land and grow faster. In other words, if we switched to an alternative source (e.g. coconut or soy), it would be worse for the environment. So it’s actually better to continue using palm oil products sourced from sustainable farmers. In fact, 75% of the UK’s palm oil is sourced from farmers that don’t harm the environment or exploit workers.

skoosh skin supports sustainable beauty practices, which is why we choose to carry products with palm oil derived ingredients. We work with brands that source their ingredients from reputable sources.

You can read more about sustainable palm oil farming on the World Wildlife Fund website.

What is your stance on sustainability?

We believe that by validating what skincare will be effective for you as an individual, we will reduce overall waste by making sure that you use what you buy. In the UK, 77% of women use less than 10 items regularly, despite buying up to 100 in a year. This amounts to an average waste of +5.8k beauty products and their packaging in a lifetime, amounting to about £180k. On the flipside men tend to use what they buy, but we're here to ensure that they give you results too!

On top of that, we've scrutinised ingredients, banning those which are toxic to the environment. Many of the brands we stock have eliminated excess packaging from their products and have chosen packaging that can be recycled. We're considered in our choices and are committed to choosing the most sustainable option wherever we can.

What about animal testing?

The majority of the brands that we stock are cruelty-free and do not test on animals. We've done the extra research to ensure that brands are animal-friendly, not only in the UK, but also that they do not sell their products in markets that require animal testing. All relevant products are marked with this bunny icon.

cruelty free bunny logo

Are your products vegan?

A large proportion of products that we stock are natural or plant-based and as such, would be considered vegan. However, we have clearly marked products that are certified vegan, by an independent third party such as the Vegan Society or PETA, with this leaf icon.

vegan logo

What kind of packaging do you use?

At skoosh skin, we aim to achieve a sustainable beauty experience by balancing your skincare with the needs of the environment. Therefore, we work with suppliers who approach packaging with the same ethos. A skoosh package uses the following materials:

  • Box: Made from a minimum of 90% recycled material and fully recyclable
  • Kraft packing tape: Made from recyclable brown paper, biodegradable water-based ink, and a natural rubber that stays sticky when it gets wet
  • Stickers: Sourced from FSC certified paper and printed with soy-based ink
  • Cushioning / Fillers: Reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable, our zigzag cushioning is made from recycled paper and locally sourced in the UK

What is your shipping policy?

Standard delivery is FREE for UK orders over £30. Otherwise, we have the following shipping options:

  • Standard Delivery (2-3 days after despatch) – £3.95 for orders under £30
  • Royal Mail Next Weekday Delivery (1 business day after despatch) – £6.00 for all orders

You will have the option to select your preferred delivery method as you proceed through checkout, and will be able to check the total order value (including postage and packaging costs) before you complete the transaction.

Currently, skoosh skin operates and ships within mainland UK only. However, we are looking for expansion opportunities and we’re happy to hear from those who are interested outside of the UK! Feel free to show your love via our online contact form and follow us via social media - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

What is your returns policy?

If for any reason you're dissatisfied with your purchase, we will gladly offer a refund on all products returned to us within 14 days of your receipt, provided they are returned in their original packaging, in an unopened and unused condition. Items MUST be returned in saleable condition: unopened with all packaging/hygiene seals intact.

If you would like to return an opened or used item due to a bad reaction, please contact us via our online contact form. Where a product has caused a sensitive reaction, we can offer store credit to help you find a more suitable product. Store credit will be processed on a case by case basis.

If your order has qualified for a free gift, the gift must also be returned before your refund or replacement can be processed. Please be aware that due to EU hygiene regulations we cannot offer a refund, replacement or exchange on items returned in a non-saleable condition.

For all UK returns, please send to our warehouse at:

skoosh skin, 17D Holland Park Gardens, London, W14 8DZ

We regret that we cannot reimburse postage costs for items returned. For your own protection, please obtain a receipt from the carrier as we cannot accept responsibility for lost parcels.

We will refund your product as quickly as possible by sending the money back to your original payment method. If your card has expired in the meantime, please contact us via our online form to arrange a new method of refund.

What if I have a reaction to a product?

skoosh skin helps guide you to products that interact well with your skin type and work toward your skin goals. We always recommend testing new products on a small patch of skin for a few days before applying across larger areas as there are unforeseeable possibilities of allergies and adverse reactions.

If your product causes a sensitive reaction, we ask that you provide us with feedback via our online contact form. Information like the below is helpful:

  • What kind of adverse reaction did you have?
  • Images of the reaction
  • Which product(s) caused it?
  • Did you make any other lifestyle changes or use any other products during the same time period?

skoosh skin values user feedback and product reviews as this information helps fine-tune our recommendation engine and its overall accuracy. Additionally, individual feedback improves your own personalisation experience over time, including more appropriate product recommendations. Individual information will always remain private and will be handled accordingly with our Privacy policy.

Please be aware that due to EU hygiene regulations we cannot offer a refund, replacement or exchange on opened or used items. However, where a product has caused a reaction, we can offer store credit to help you find a more suitable product. Store credit will be processed on a case by case basis.

And finally, a shout out of thanks...

To those that have helped us get here! We worked with these London based extraordinaires: Rework Studio to develop our branding and refine our skin survey experience and Colin Ross for our beautiful creative still life imagery.