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skoosh started with...

... The shared skincare geekery of our co-founders, who knew that there had to be a better way of navigating the crowded, murky world of beauty.


“The idea for skoosh came from my battle with hormonal acne and hyperpigmentation in my 20s. I would read about hero ingredients or cult products in beauty magazines that claimed to target my skin issues. All these products ended up making my skin worse! Over time, I learned that there is no cure-all in skincare – what works for one person might not work for another because individual skin is so different. skoosh recognises that there’s a spectrum of skin types beyond normal/sensitive/dry/oily/combo, and we build that complexity into our algo.”
- Jenny, skoosh skin Co-founder and CEO

“I used to end up with beautifully packaged, rave-reviewed product that was supposed to work miracles, but simply didn't. That’s what naturally kickstarted the skoosh seed for me: How do I get beyond the hype? How could I cut to the chase and find products that actually work for me? But half the fun of skincare is the shopping process too, so skoosh wants to keep it that way. That’s why we give customers a variety of products and brands to choose from, made with the right active ingredients for their skin. Then once they've made their picks, help them build a full routine that works over time.”
- Alisha, skoosh skin Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer


A problem worth solving

Age has become a keystone in how skincare is sold, but often ignored are the fundamental differences in the combination of: age + concerns + genetics. So we fumble through by trial and error, searching for the beauty cocktail that will give us the perfect glow. We want to make that easier. By making your skincare choices work harder. By preventing collections of half used serums or barely touched moisturisers. By stopping you from buying the latest skincare fad (and then the next...) made mostly of filler ingredients and a teeny amount of actives. Period.

So here we are

Beauty simplified with a 3 minute survey powered by big data and expert advice. Delving behind the branding smoke-and-mirrors to find clean, effective skincare on the market that works for you as an individual.

No controversy here

We want to keep it clean and have gone beyond just banning the common culprits (parabens, phthalates, etc). We've taken a decisive stance to ensure we stock brands and formulations that are:

set Suitable for long-term usage and won't cause sensitisation or hormone disruption

Safe for our environment and the oceans

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