about us

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skoosh skin was created to drive accurate skincare recommendations and help customers navigate overwhelming (and growing) choice. We give retailers a simple solution to automatically create meaningful skincare attributes and deliver results-focused routines.

Why we do what we do

Uncertainty around what suits your skin and product effectiveness are the key source of friction to conversion online. It also leads to a huge amount of trial-and error waste and a loss of trust when purchases don’t bring about results - damaging not only to the environment, but also to your retention rate.

A personalised and data-driven solution

We offer a smarter way to sell skincare by:

  1. Analysing your catalogue to identify detailed product attributes and active ingredients
  2. Collecting customer skin profiles and mapping products to them
  3. Serving intelligent recommendations to individual customers

skoosh aggregates skincare research to maintain an evolving database, driven by big data. This ensures that our recommendations are based on the latest research and will surface the best combination of products in your range that target specific skin profiles.

Built for conversion and retention

skoosh exists to simplify the skincare shopping experience, give transparency to customers, and build trust in your range. When compared with the industry average, our results-driven recommendations have shown strong improvements:

  • 2x conversion rate
  • +50% retention rate
  • 34% orders with 3+ products

Knowledge is power

Over time the skoosh database will give you a broader and deeper understanding of your customers to positively impact beauty retailer operations - from driving more efficient range-planning to targeted marketing.

Let's talk about how skoosh can help your business sell smarter.